Robert Gibbs Confronted on #ows and the Federal Reserve

On October 20th former White House press secretary/Obama adviser Robert Gibbs hosted a press conference at Trump

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Towers in Chicago. We are Change Chicago reporter Tim Marszalik attended and asked the tough questions that the local presstitutes refused to ask.

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Herman Cain Confronted on the Private Federal Reserve

We Are Change Chicago

CHICAGO, IL- As the mainstream media and the powers that be continue to throw new puppets into the race for the GOP’s top spot. Their latest love child Herman Cain has come out of nowhere. The Washington Times Reports Cain as the new GOP front-runner, and according to the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll Cain leads former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney by just 4 points. But questions continue to rise surrounding Herman’s days as Kansas City Board

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President of the Federal Reserve Bank; as the general public discovers the actions of this Private Central Bank as well as his close ties to former Fed President Alan Greenspan. Speaking to We Are Change Chicago reporters Julio Noel Rausseo

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and Tim Marszalik, at Tea Con 2011 outside of Chicago, Cain defends the role of the Private Central bank. He’s asked about the constitutionality of the Federal Reserve, and whether or not its right that this private banking cartel prints money out of thin air, while at the same

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time devaluing their beloved Federal Reserve Note.

Julio N. Rausseo

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Donald Rumsfeld confronted on Aspartame and Iraq War

Saad Ali- We Are Change Chicago
Anthony- We Are Change Ohio

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CHICAGO, IL- Former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld strolled into Chicago on May 17, 2011, for a speech at the globalist think tank, Chicago Council on Global Affairs. The audience was mainly comprised of your average “Coke drinking, McDonald’s eating” yuppie, ready to bow down to Mr. Rumsfeld. They clapped and cheered as he approached the podium and delivered his globalist speech. The praising of such a criminal was mind blowing, and something had to be done. Mr. Rumsfeld’s “accomplishments” have caused humanitarian suffering worldwide.

To start off, Rumsfeld is responsible for contributing to the approval of the artificial sweetener Aspartame. The known carcinogen has caused millions of people suffering around the world. Headaches, dizziness, neurological degeneration, macular degeneration, optic neuritis, insomnia, seizures, irregular heart rhythm, multiple sclerosis, lupus, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, Tourettes syndrome, birth defects, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, leukemia, low

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blood platelet, and diabetes are a few of the illnesses and disease caused by this poisonous drug. Think about how much better our health could be had Mr. Rumsfeld not pushed Aspartame into the market for human consumption. (Visit Natural News for more information)

Furthermore, Rumsfeld is highly responsible for the destruction of Iraq, the death of one million Iraqi’s, and thousands of US soldiers. Based on the false claim that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s, they took the initiative and bombed Iraq. Extensive evidence proves that 9/11 was absolutely an inside job. Recently on the Mancow Show, Rumsfeld was asked what he tells people about building 7, and he replied by asking, “What is building 7?”… “I have no idea. I have never heard that.”

With all this in mind, how can people actually sit there and listen to this murdering terrorist praise his latest globalist, garbage, and worthless book? Saad Ali of We Are Change Chicago and Anthony from We Are Change Ohio attended the event. Fortunately, the heavily controlled Q&A session did not follow through as planned.

Saad was given a chance to ask a question, so he asked, “Some of your greatest accomplishments have been cause to some of the most horrible human suffering… One million dead in Iraq, thousands of dead Americans, legalizing Aspartame, How do you live with that sir?” Rumsfeld announced that he would take on the Aspartame part, and the audience chuckled.

He completely lied about the truth of what Aspartame can do to the human body, and in turn said that it was “the most studied food additive.” He said that it was “good” for the body and that people who believe that Aspartame causes various health issues, as it has been proven to do over and over, are “conspiracy theorists.”

Unsatisfied with his answer, Saad demanded a response for the one million innocent Iraqi’s who were murdered during the Iraq war. He stood up and asked, “What about the one million Iraqi’s?” Security immediately ran towards Saad and began grabbing his camera, while the globalist, shoe-licking mediator demanded Saad to sit down. He refused to sit down, and spoke his mind, hoping the audience would realize that this traitor had deceived America at the expense of the people of Iraq and our own US soldiers. Security grabbed Saad and dragged him out of the building.

Anthony of We Are Change Ohio walked in as Saad was kicked out, and security immediately grabbed him and escorted him out of the building. How or why they knew we were together is still unknown.

The audience members walking out of the building had mixed views on the confrontation. Some

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felt that it was necessary to scold and question him on such issues, and some were completely disgusted by the confrontation (The guy at the end.)

The wars have resulted in the death of millions of innocent men, women, and children. Their God given right of living, loving, and enjoying this life has been stripped by criminals like Rumsfeld. Billions of people have fallen victim to the poisonous chemical Aspartame, and their lives will never be the same.

These are crimes on humanity, and not on an individual race, religion, creed, nation, or people. A crime on humanity is a crime on us all. We are in this together, and we must fight for justice for one another. Please, take advantage of the few rights we still have, and get out there while you still can. Peacefully demand answers from these murderers and wake up your friends and family.



On November 6th, Dr. Oz hosted a health expo in Chicago’s Millennium Park. We Are Change Chicago (WACC) members attended hoping to ask Dr. Oz some questions about the dangers of vaccines. The poisonous additives causing adverse reactions for some people are never discussed in the mainstream media.

The WACC member asked Dr. Oz some questions and he responded very politely. As the WACC member was asking his final question, a man walking with Dr. Oz said, “get this guy out of here”. This man and a second man in the group then grabbed and shoved the WACC member. The WACC member repeatedly asked the second man to stop assaulting him or he would call the police. The second man claimed to be a policeman and told the WACC member to go ahead and call the police. About a half hour later, the police finally arrived and went directly to the second man/perpetrator The responding officers were talking to the perpetrator when the WACC member told them that he was the one who had called 911. While motioning to the perpetrator, the responding officer very rudely replied “no he called” As the WACC member was explaining what happened to the responding officer, they interjected with veiled threats. After some time, and without questioning witnesses, the responding officers asked the WACC member to walk over to the squad car for what he thought was a formal statement. When they got to the car, the police immediately started to frisk him. When he asked what was going on, they informed him that he was being arrested for assault. He was not read his rights and the police wouldn’t tell him who he was being accused of assaulting. He spent over ten hours in police custody. Their final act of intimidation was to prolong his processing. The WACC member found out later that he was arrested for assaulting the perpetrator, who had attacked him. This incident is another example of how law enforcement betrays the public trust and how we are already living in a POLICE STATE!

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We Are Change Chicago Confronts Radio Show Host Michael Medved

On January 7, 2010 We Are Change Chicago confronted Neo-Con radio show host Michael Medved on the presence of nano-thermite in the World Trade Center dust.  He makes some interesting comments.

YouTube Preview Image

To view the peer-reviewed scientific article “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe” see the following link:…

To view experiments and additional information on thermite/thermate, see the following link:

Special Thanks to:
The Reality Report

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Loose Change



WAC Chicago, McDonald’s CEO, Chicago Fed CEO, The Power of Consumer Demand, and this “Post – 9/11 World”

“The Consumer is gonna be king…  always.”  -Michael H. Moskow, former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (1:26:45)

“Left unabated, obesity would overtake smoking as a leading preventable cause of death in this country.”  -David Satcher, MD, Former US Surgeon General. (From Super Size Me)

“We’re developing a society because of all of these different toxins known to affect brain function… that not only has a lot more people of lower IQ, but a lot fewer people of higher IQ.  In other words… a chemical dumbing down of society….  That leaves them dependent on government….  Then we have this mass of people who are gonna believe anything they’re told because they can’t really think clearly.  And very few people… who can figure this all out, and that’s what they want.”  -Doctor Russell Blaylock

“We have a government that deliberately orchestrates needless fear and makes people insecure enough to ignore the reality of their lost liberties.”  -Congressman Ron Paul.

“We cannot wait for the final proof, the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.”  -George W. Bush

“What about people returning from the war?  Soldiers, and jobs?  Are we keeping the war going in order to not face what to do with our soldiers who come back looking for jobs?  Now that’s not the reason for the war going on… and when the debt is mentioned, the debt that the US has that keeps increasing partly because of trying to be the policemen of the world, we have a very big question about how long do we stay in Afghanistan.”  -Philip Kotler (0:56:43)

“We are definitely as a nation living beyond our means, and our fiscal trends, our government spending, is unsustainable… because of mostly social security and entitlement programs.”  -Michael H. Moskow, former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (0:57:24)

On September 16th 2010 We Are Change Chicago attended a meeting entitled “New Patterns in Global Consumer Demand” put on by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs which featured Jim Skinner (CEO of McDonalds), Philip Kotler (Professor of International Marketing at Northwestern University), and it was chaired by Michael H. Moskow (the former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago).  (Full Audio of conference) Security was disconcertingly tight and bizarrely diligent for this sort of line-up.

I noticed a security guard looking at me as I rummaged through my pack during the meeting.  I pulled out my bottle of reverse osmosis filtered water and had a gulp or two.  By the time I screwed the cap back on the security guard was in front of me telling me that no outside food or drinks were allowed, but I could have it back after the conference.  There was a pitcher of free water right next to me, so this did not seem to make any sense.  Given that I was not allowed to have my water, I assumed that asking a question during the Q and A session and recording the answer with a video camera would be unacceptable.  Though controversial, I thought my question was completely legitimate, but I was afraid to even ask it.  With security so tight, I thought I might be thrown out.

I asked the following question: “Given the increase in consumer demand for healthier foods and the resulting increase in supply, would it not become economically viable for McDonalds to move in a healthier direction with its product, and can we expect to see this unfold in the near future?  On the topic of healthy products, I was hoping you could address the issue of the use in chicken McNuggets of Dimethylpolysiloxane which is found in cosmetics and silly putty, as well as tBHQ which is a petroleum based product [I was cut off here], one gram of which can cause nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium, a sense of suffocation and collapse.”  (1:17:24)

Skinner responded:

    1. “It’s an ingredient found in a lot of food….  It’s food.  It just happens to be food that’s in silly putty.”

Call me crazy, but I do not feel comfortable eating “food” with a name like Dimethylpolysiloxane.  Apparently it is not toxic, but to say it is food is a bit of a stretch.  Anyway, What about the tBHQ?

    2. “We’ve done more than any other brand” to offer “choice and variety” and “healthier options.”  Note the 100% pure beef, bread, meat, potatoes, fruits, and salads.  “We’re the largest purchaser of apples in the world.”

Choice?  Variety?  Healthier options?  …McDonalds?  Corn and meat fed beef from cows that live in their own feces?   White, blood-sugar spiking bread?  Meat with hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics, potentially irradiated or sprayed with live viruses?  Genetically modified potatoes and apples?  High calorie salads with iceberg lettuce?  Mercury (via high fructose corn syrup) containing condiments?

    3.  The “obesity problem we’re having” is “not because they eat at McDonalds….” “85% of meals today are still taken at home.  When you get up tomorrow morning, you’re going to have 900,000 choices of where to eat.  McDonalds is only one of those.  Our most frequent visitor to McDonalds visits us four times a month.”

These are deceptive numbers.  85% of meals for each person are taken at home?  No, that’s an average taken from a bunch of people.  Poorer populations tend to be forced to eat cheap, quick meals (i.e. at McDonalds) far more often.  Not everyone has 900,000 options, and for many of those that do, because of convenience and price, McDonalds– one choice out of 900,000—is the choice.  As for the claim that at the most, people go to McDonalds four times a month, this statistic clearly does not include homeless people or “Big Mac Enthusiast” Don Gorske.  Furthermore, to be included in the information gathering upon which that statistic would be based, one would probably need a phone, or at least an address.

    4.  “We use a lot of consumer information….  The question always is, well, will you be organic?  If our customers want us to be organic, and they will buy organic produced food, we will be selling it….  McDonalds will be on the cutting edge and the forefront of all of that change if that is where the consumer takes us.  The only problem we have is, they talk a good game, it’s not what they buy, and it’s not what they eat….  We want to be part of the solution, but… we’re in a for profit business.  The consumers have to want to participate, and have to tell us what it is they want us to produce and to sell.”

If consumers demand (purchase) healthier products, the supply will increase.  As this trend continues, healthier foods will become more available and more affordable.  In the movie Food, Inc. Troy Roush (Vice President, American Corn Growers Association) stated, “We farmers, we’re gonna deliver to the market place what the market demands….  People have got to start demanding good wholesome food of us, and we’ll deliver.”  At the end of the movie, we are told that, “You can vote to change this system.  Three times a day….  You can change the world with every bite.”

I had at least six people tell me afterwards that I had a good question, one of whom was the security guard who took my water bottle.  He apologized for having to take it and explained that he was told that there was no outside food or drinks, or recording devices allowed because of high security.

As I was leaving, I passed a woman who was crying, and I overheard her saying “they thought I was a terrorist.”  After she calmed down a bit she explained that although she was a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, security had approached her and accused her of being a terrorist for flicking her pen.  Security, watching the proceedings from a balcony above, noticed her flicking her pen and thought that she was using it to communicate to someone else in the room.

How have we as a nation allowed fear to take us over and impair our common sense to this extent?  A six year old girl has been placed on the DHS no fly list. We need an elevation of consciousness that will enable people to recognize and denounce such absurdities.  Among other things, that means eating healthy.  As Vandana Shiva states, “Every day’s act of eating is an act of creating freedom.  And doing it consciously, doing it with choice, has to be something we construct.  As Gandhi said, ‘We have to be the change we want to see.’  And then we have to drive the governments to shape the policies that make it easy….  Today’s policies are going in the opposite direction and therefore, ordinary people have to shape the world….” In a post 9/11 world—the perpetuation of which we are all responsible for through our complicity—where people are considered terrorists for flicking pens, when I asked a substantial question as a concerned American without security intervening, I got away with murder.


Mitt Romney: Supporter of States’ Rights, not Human Rights

On March 24, 2010 We Are Change Chicago attempted to confront Mitt Romney at a public interview/discussion followed by a book signing. Unfortunately, for some reason this writer cannot comprehend, Borders would not allow it. However, Romney was given a copy of the nano-thermite report.

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New Video: WeAreChange Talks to Stephen Colbert

you tube link

The fight for freedom and humanity gained another friend with Stephen Colbert mentioning to millions of people the secretive and elite Bilderberg Group. Doing something that the main stream media have not dared to do.

Please send your love and support to The Colbert Nation
Watch Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined here or buy it at
Here is the story about the SPLC wanted list


We Are Change has Amy Goodman on the run

A compilation of Amy Goodman’s responses to questions concerning Building 7, Architects & Engineers, and the 911 cover up including a new confrontation at DePaul University by We Are Change Chicago